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6082988 Grand Marais Contemporar $495,000
6083014 1.76 acres on Lake Super $249,000
6082966 2.93 acres in Lutsen $45,000
6082969 Grand Marais Ranch/Rambl $159,900
6082955 1.52 acres in Lutsen $44,900
6082954 2.15 acres in Lutsen $47,900
6082953 1.7 acres in Lutsen $36,900
6082952 1.95 acres in Lutsen $29,900
6082958 1.75 acres in Lutsen $44,900
6082956 1.5 acres in Lutsen $39,900
6082957 1.64 acres in Lutsen $39,900
6082963 4.82 acres in Lutsen $44,900
6082962 3.96 acres in Lutsen $47,900
6082899 1.1 acres on Tom Inland $59,900
6082961 2.78 acres in Lutsen $44,900
6082960 2.67 acres in Lutsen $39,900
6082959 2.65 acres on Unnamed Po $49,900
6082907 Hovland Other $274,000
6082850 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $295,000
6082818 Grand Marais Ranch/Rambl $208,000
6082864 1.53 acres on Lake Super $179,900
6082872 24.98 acres on Irish Cre $69,900
6082863 Grand Marais Rustic Cabi $159,900
6082812 15.14 acres in Schroeder $99,900
6082793 5.4 acres on Lake Superi $259,900
6082785 4.4 acres on Wilson Inla $168,000
6082737 5.5 acres in Grand Marai $59,900
6082695 Tofte Traditional $349,900
6082692 Split Entry/Foyer on Unn $292,500
6082716 5.13 acres in Grand Mara $57,000
6082642 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $299,900
6082636 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $78,900
6082618 Traditional on Tait Inla $385,000
6082673 2.78 acres on Gunflint I $129,900
6082687 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $495,000
6082599 Hovland Rustic Cabin $157,900
6082580 1.84 acres on Lake Super $199,000
6082610 Contemporary on Lake Sup $499,900
6082567 Traditional on Lake Supe $459,900
6082552 Commercial Opportunity i $950,000
6082514 8.64 acres in Tofte $77,900
6082475 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $229,000
6082515 5.82 acres in Tofte $61,900
6082451 Grand Marais Log $479,000
6082447 Grand Marais Log $127,900
6082440 Lutsen Ranch/Rambler $249,900
6082406 Log on Caribou Inland La $389,900
6082391 Other on Devil Track Inl $370,000
6082377 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $359,000
6082375 Lutsen Multi-level $397,000
6082462 Lutsen Condo/Townhouse $187,000
6082354 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $319,900
6082366 Grand Marais Ranch/Rambl $169,900
6082319 Schroeder Traditional $159,900
6082304 Grand Marais Traditional $140,000
6082386 Traditional on Caribou I $439,000
6082222 0.69 acres in Grand Mara $54,900
6082221 0.44 acres in Grand Mara $59,900
6082263 Lutsen Other $99,900
6082262 2.56 acres on Pike Inlan $139,000
6082206 Tofte Traditional $248,000
6082259 2.54 acres on Pike Inlan $139,000
6082161 Rustic Cabin on Lake Sup $154,900
6082108 Log on McFarland Inland $359,900
6082118 1.65 acres on Devil Trac $129,000
6082117 5.5 acres on Loon Inland $119,000
6082116 5.71 acres in Grand Mara $47,900


Coldwell Banker North Shore’s Newest Agent!!
February 14

We are pleased to introduce our newest agent to Coldwell Banker North Shore, Aimee Luick!! Aimee has been a Cook County resident for 37 years.  She and her husband, Marlo, raised two children here and both Krista and Korey have settled in the county which allows for quality time with the grandchildren. They both enjoy […]

You must only to love them, Lessons Learned in Turkey
June 08

Check out this new memoir by local author Ann Marie Mershon titled, You must only to love them, Lessons Learned in Turkey.  It’s part travelogue, part romance and part adventure, though mostly a heartfelt account of the seven years she spent teaching in Istanbul. A perfect summer read for travelers, teachers, and those who love (or might be […]

May 10

Grand Marais, MN  – Virginia Detrick Palmer of Grand Marais, Broker and Owner of Coldwell Banker North Shore, has been named to the company’s 2015 International President’s Elite. Only the top two percent of all sales associates / representatives worldwide in the Coldwell Banker® system qualified for this distinguished group. In 1991, Virginia graduated from […]

Coldwell Banker North Shore’s Newest Agent!!
April 30

We are pleased to introduce our newest agent to Coldwell Banker North Shore, Julie Joynes Carlson!! Born and raised in Grand Marais, Julie has been an active member of the Cook County community her entire life. She grew up working in the family business, Joynes Department Store and Ben Franklin, which she managed until 2014 […]

Fall Slowdown in Real Estate? Not so fast…..
September 26

It’s officially fall, bringing with it cooler temperatures, changing colors and a presumed end to the “busy summer real estate season.” Contrary to popular belief, the fall real estate market is plenty busy, with buyers and sellers eager to strike a deal before winter sets in. Don’t believe us? Check out this article by Deena […]

Off-Grid Living on the North Shore
August 28

One draw that continually brings people to the north shore is the desire to separate from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Folks make the drive up Highway 61 looking to disconnect and relax with family and friends. The level of disconnection varies from family to family. Some just like to get away to […]

Seller Photos
August 05

Every year our sellers send us great pictures of their property. Here are some of the best from 2015. Enjoy!

A Christmas Story, by Amy Detrick
December 23

My husband loved Christmas. He wouldn’t always show much interest in the yearly Christmas card and letter, the baking, the decorating, or the lists I kept to keep everyone organized and everything fair. But a few days before the actual day, Dean went full force. He would go out shopping, alone, without a list, and […]

Weather, bugs, gas prices – it all affects our market!
July 07

I have been selling real estate in Cook County since 1989 and we have been through a LOT of fluctuations in the market and economy. When I was a kid, summer was busy and GM shut down during the winter and now our business is usually busy year round with July, August, Sept & Oct […]

Landslide – the story of our lives…….
May 23

My dad was a house flipper way before there was HGTV, or even remote controls!!  Bless my mom because she was the manual labor in their relationship, and she always fixed up the houses.  One time Mom had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights so dad put a sign in the yard and sold the house.  She was […]

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